Better Neighbourhoods for Everyone

What if we said "Yes in my backyard!" ?

Our communities are always on the move. Our demography, our economy, and even our environment are constantly changing. And so are our lives, our needs and aspirations. We, humans, are able to adapt, and so are our neighbourhoods. But one question remains: how can we benefit from those changes ? Watch our short animation below to discover the three key ingredients to a successful urban transformation.

About Oui dans ma cour !

Oui dans ma cour ! [Yes in my backyard !] is a project by Vivre en Ville, aiming to empower citizens, developers, and municipalities towards better urban densification projects in the province of Quebec. It aims to create a safe space for public debate, by encouraging other forms of arguments than the now famous "Not in my backyard" !

Densifica-what ?

When our cities and towns spread out, the collective costs and our greenhouse gas emissions go through the roof, and precious natural habitats and farmlands are lost forever. If we want to keep on growing sustainably, we need to consolidate our neighbourhoods. In other words, we need to densify in order for more of us to be able to enjoy a good quality of life in existing neighbourhoods that meet our aspirations. It creates more residential choices for all of us—single, in a couple, with or without kids, and regardless of age or ability. Densification can take many forms and is an effective way to optimize our use of facilities and infrastructure.

We can embrace this opportunity to build better neighbourhoods for everyone: more housing choices, more shops, more services, and more civic life. In order to achieve that, we need to work together at every steps of the process.

To address those challenges and encourage a positive approach towards our changing neighbourhoods, calls to citizens, developers and municipalities willing to work together on desirables projects by offering tools, information [FR] and tailored support for urban densification projects [FR]

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Our partners

This initiative is funded by the Green Fund (Fonds vert) as part of Action-Climat Québec, a ministère du Développement durable, de l'Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques program stemming from the 2013-2020 Climate Change Action Plan.

Fonds Vert - Gouvernement du Québec